Monday, April 16, 2012

The Way I like It

Hey! It's me, Tux the cat. I'm the only pet left around here. I kind of like it this way, though. The puppy was far too happy for my liking. The fish would've made better midnight snacks. You need a lot of energy when you've got 13 girl friends to visit, ya know. I heard Mom saying some thing the other day about fixing that. (Not sure what she means.) I turned 1 year old on April 1st so I guess I'm a full grown Tom now. I didn't get a thing for my birthday and Mom tried making up for it by buying me a bag of cheap treats the other day. (I purposely refused them.) She's got nerve!


  1. Happy birthday Tux! Glad to see life is going so well for you as an only child......but 13 girlfriends? THAT can get you in BIG trouble!

  2. hahaha! What a personality Tux has!!!!!! lol

  3. Hahahahahaha, this just made me laugh! And I don't even know who Tux is!lol I sure hope Andrew dosn't have 13 girlfriends!:)lol jk