Tuesday, January 31, 2012


There are a few positive things in life that are contagious and laughter is one of them. The first thing Jameson laughed at was a real sneeze of mine. I think he was about 4 and a half months old. So, we proceeded to to increase the laughter with fake sneezes! Here's Daddy & Jameson. Daddy, of course, had the sneezes and Jameson had the giggles. 
(almost 5 months old)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Good Eyes, Good Food, Good Bargains

I went to the eye doctor yesterday for an exam. I had noticed the signs at Wal-Mart and on the road weren't as clear as they used to be and since it had been six years, I figured it was time. I was very pleased when the optometrist said my eye sight is almost perfect. (20/25) I have a little bit of astigmatism in each eye. She said I could get glasses if I wanted to compete with my husband. (who has 20/20 vision. lol) My total was $10 without glasses and $20 with them (We have a great vision plan!) so I figured why not for ten bucks? (I can wear them whenever I want to.) It was probably a waste of money and my husband thought I was crazy. But now those aisle signs at Wal-Mart will be clear as can be! ;)


After we left 20/20 Eyecare, we ate at Family Buffet (YUM:) then went to pick up some supplies I had bought for for the upcoming Kentucky Kids Consignment Sale. Since we were in the Cool Springs Shopping Center, I asked Anthony to take me to "My Sisters," a consignment shop just across the road. I had never been but a lady from our Church had recommended and praised the place. I'm glad he took me! (and I'm sure he isn't;) Their selection is supposedly low right now, but they've discounted nearly every thing to make room for the Spring stuff coming in. There was hardly any thing for kids, but I found plenty for myself.

My mini haul:

 Talbots Denim Jacket $18 (half off = $9)
George Black/White Houndstooth Jacket $12 (half off = $6)
Merona  Brown Jacket -So cute! $12 (half off = $6)
St. John's Bay Orange Argyle V-neck Sweater $7 (the only item I bought that was not on sale)
George slip-on boys' black dress shoes $4 (half off = $2)

So my grand total was $30! I think Anthony was surprised, considering I got 3 jackets for Church, a sweater and a pair of shoes. (I haven't decided whether I'm keeping them for Landon to grow into or selling them to earn a little profit.) So go check out "My Sisters!" (Not my actual sisters....Yes, they're pretty but neither one is available! lol:) Now would be a great time if you're looking for Fall/Winter items. Us holiness people use some of those "Fall/Winter" items much of the year! ;)