Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Pictures (Yay, Melissa! I posted!!!)

Hey ya'll, 

So it seems like I'm down to posting about once a month on here now. Since Instagram entered my life, it's instant posting makes this blogging thing seem a little more time consuming. LOL! I have little excuse, though, especially since I can blog from my iPhone and iPad. I need to get back to doing it more often!  

There's not much going on with the Young family lately. Just enjoying this "Spring" weather (On the days when it isn't snowing, that is! Ha!) We're looking forward to Easter and Landon's 3rd Birthday! I usually get the boys pictures taken twice a year, in the Spring and Fall. I took them to Portrait Innovations this past week to get their huge cheap package like I always do. But my naughty sons had to be all adorable and photogenic and take awesome pictures, thus making their Mother spend more money than she planned. (Um, WAY more. LOL!) I actually had money left from my consignment sale check, though. So I didn't feel too bad about my little splurge. I'm sure you can see why I had to buy! (Below;) You'd never know it, but Landon started the session with being shy, pouty and uncooperative. He actually ended up doing better than his big brother! Lol! Jameson gave a few good smiles in the beginning but then they started looking fake and forced. In the end, the photographer captured his hilarious personality any way! FYI, his name was Darryl and he was fantastic with them. There were so many good pictures, I had a hard time choosing my favorites!