Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Heavy Heart....... (again)

For the past six years, I've sat under a wonderful man of God, listened to an anointed preacher and been guided by a gentle and loving Shepherd named Jody Silvers. It's been an honor to be a part of his flock. As of yesterday, he has resigned as Pastor of Highway of Holiness Church. The news was devastating and I feel so broken yet I know the Lord has a plan for us and I'm trying to trust Him. We've grown to love the Silvers like family and made a lot of precious memories with them. His ministry here in Kentucky has had a huge impact on so many souls including mine and my family's. Just a few things about him that I will never forget .... His unbelievable love for his wife and daughters, his humility, his servant's heart, the compassionate burden he carried for his people, the great anointing and boldness he had in the pulpit, the way he took time to make each child in the Church feel special and loved, his effort with our young people, his funny stories, his fear of snakes .... and I could go on. He has always been there when we needed him. They have went above and beyond the duties of a Pastor. Their labor of love will never be forgotten. The seeds they have planted will continue to grow, but we must keep tending the garden. It feels like a huge part of my heart is moving South today. I will miss his warm handshakes and big smiles that always greeted us inside the Church doors, Sister Tina and the girls' beautiful singing, his outstanding messages that came from hours spent on his knees seeking God, the sight and sound of him praying in his corner on the pulpit, all of the trips, outings and fun times, playing the Wii and Pitt at their house, Sister Tina's Annual Cookie Swap, Jameson's "Uncle Chody" he loves so dearly, and of course, the precious friendship and fellowship we shared with them! Highway won't be the same but Lord, help me "Remember The Reason It Was Built." (Our Pastor's final sermon to us)

Their songs have blessed my soul many times and several come to mind tonight and minister to me even as I type ....

~ Storms may rage, Winds may blow, Cares of life come against my soul. In troubled times I know just where to stand. There's no safer place to be than in God's hands. In God's hands I'm in good hands. My soul is safe and secure. In God's hands, sweet assurance. It's good to know I'm in good hands! ~

~ He knows, He cares, Where you are He's right there. He sees your heart, all your hidden broken parts. He will take you in His arms, He will heal your wounds and scars. He knows right where you are! ~

~ I'm gonna keep on trusting in the Lord. When it seems there's no way out He always opens up a door. When I've done all that I can, He gives me the strength to stand. That's why I'm gonna keep on trusting in the Lord! ~


The flowers & card the Silvers brought to our home after
I had surgery to remove my wisdom teeth in Spring 2006.

Easter 2006

Brother Jody has had such a strong spiritual influence on Anthony.
He's been a wonderful mentor, friend and role model to him and he will miss him greatly.

Shelly's baptism

Sarah's baptism

Andy's baptism

Fall 2008

Winter 2008

Summer 2009
Shadeville Campmeeting

Landon's birth ~ Spring 2010 ~

Landon's dedication

It's hard to imagine any one else dedicating our next baby/babies. Brother Jody
dedicated both of our boys, although my camera batteries died on Jameson's dedication day.

The last Pastor Appreciation Dinner for them ~ October 2010 ~

Tina & Angela hard at work....

Sister Tina's last Cookie Swap ~ December 2010 ~

Our last trip with the Silvers was to
Brother Rusty Johnson's Campmeeting, February 2011

Brother Jody & Sister Tina collecting sea shells on the beach in AL ~ February 2011

Jameson with his buddy! 5-29-11

Our last Sunday with the Silvers

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Today my heart is heavy for the family of little Addison Jo Blair. I didn't know her, and don't know her family. I heard of them through facebook friends and her Caring Bridge website. Reading the journal entries and looking through the pictures has given me a tiny glimpse into who she was and what she has suffered the past few months. She was such a strong little girl. Her fight with cancer is over now and she's in the arms of Jesus, free from pain.

Since I heard the news last night, I've been crying off and on. I cannot imagine what her family is going through. Addison was just two months younger than our Jameson. Today I've held my boys longer, given more hugs and kisses, and showed extra patience with them. Last night, I looked at Anthony with tear filled eyes and said, "We have two healthy babies!" I realized how much we take that for granted.

I ask you to please lift the Blair family up to God in the coming days, weeks and months. I'm praying for God to carry them through this dark valley.....For Him to wrap His arms of comfort, peace and hope around them.....For Him to deal with and save souls through this also.

With a heavy and thankful heart,


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Daily Dose of 3 Year Old Cuteness.......

{I actually wrote this yesterday but didn't get to post it until today!}

Jameson is getting to that "cute" age. I love to hear him talk, even if I'm the only person in the world that understands 99.9% of what he says! Anthony looks at me in amazement some times after I interpret what our son says as if to say, "I never would have guessed that in a million years."

 Here is a little glimpse into Jameson's world. Woody is his best friend. A few minutes ago, he brought me two nutty bars from the cabinet-One for him, and one for Woody. I told him that he had to put one back because Woody didn't need one. Woody talks to me some times and I don't feel too silly to carry on a conversation with a plastic cowboy doll!

Jameson loves to color and tells me, "I made that!" proudly showing me his artwork. Some times he draws Super Grover, some times Memaw, and some times his Daddy's work van. I am really glad I bought the Little Tykes desk from the Sale for him. He has spent hours at it!

He also loves to sing and can carry a tune quite well. His latest favorites are "Light in the Weebow", ("I've Never Been This Homesick Before") "God is Good", (He emphasizes "Yes He is!") "Victory Is Mine", (It goes, "I told YOU to get thee behind...") and today he's been singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat Gently Down the Street". Of course, not every word comes out clearly, but his Mama understands him.

He loves Quinton Taylor's truck and pretends his vehicles at home are either that, or the Excursion his parents drive. "Mart" tells "Alchi" to get in the truck. (Mark and Malachi) He loves to pretend there's a dead deer in the back of his toy truck he pushes around and even uses a horse for the carcase. He told me yesterday, "I die it." while plucking hair from a duster. (I guess that was his deer?) Should I be disturbed?! LOL!

Every time he's hurting he says "Pray, Mommy" and thanks me after I lay my hand on his belly (or whatever hurts) and pray for it. He knows where his Memaw is and will tell you she's with "Seesus in the sky, in Heaven." He loves Church and especially his "Chody" (Pastor Jody Silvers) If Brother Jody is absent, it doesn't take Jameson long to notice and he'll whisper, "Where's Chody?" a couple of minutes into the service.

He pretends to take pictures and then shows us the picture on his pretend digital camera. He says, "Awww! That's cute" in a genuine voice. He told the vacuum cleaner and a pile of towels to say cheese the other day. Then he shows us his cute photos of the objects. (on his hands) He has a great imagination and he cracks us up!

The other day, he was talking on the phone with his Nana and Lili. He was telling them about his new haircut and he held the phone up to his head  twice so they could both "see" it!

It probably seems boring for some people to read, but I like to journal these things so I will never forget my little three year old. I want to be able to stroll down memory lane when he's 10, 16, 21, and 30.

I told him recently that he can't get any older than three and he said "Okay." But I know he won't obey. Mom gave us a similar order and we didn't. Ha Ha!

I enjoy the daily dose of cuteness and laughter my little guys give to me!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gas Saver and Wife Worryer

In the past month, there's been a new addition to our vehicle family. Anthony's been driving it to work nearly all week and put a grand total of $4.85 in the gas tank! While I'm enjoying the break from gas spending, I rest easier when it's parked in it's spot here at home!

Landon traded in his Cozy Coupe....


Jameson called himself "Buzz Lightyear" while wearing this.

Gas hog in back, wife worryer in front!

A Bittersweet Mother's Day

       My Mother-in-law went to be with the Lord last August and it still doesn't seem real to me. The day before Mother's Day, I began to feel her absence stronger. I cried thinking of the holiday without her. I'm used to shopping for her card and gift, helping Jameson make things for her, then greeting her at Church with a Mother's Day hug. None of that would happen this year. Anthony and I missed her a lot, and our hearts ached for my sister-in-law, Shelly, who was closer to her than any one. Then Mother's Day morning, some thing amazing happened. The Lord brought comfort and peace to us in such a special way. My husband is not a dreamer. Unlike me, he's a deep sleeper who rarely visits dream land. However, he awoke me Sunday by telling me about a very realistic dream he'd experienced about his Mom. He was in the yard at his old home place talking on his cell phone when he heard her voice call his name twice. He got off of the phone and walked up to the porch where she was standing in a long white garment with a smile on her face. She said, "Come here" and he stepped up on the porch where she gave him a hug and kiss. He told her how much he missed her and after their embrace, she was gone. When Anthony told me his dream, it brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. We knew without a doubt it was from God; He got a Mother's Day hug from his Mom! It helped us through the day without her. It especially touched Shelly's heart. He told about it in a testimony at Church during our worship service. Brother Jody asked me to sing after he sat down. The song, "What A Day That Will Be" had been on my heart for a while but after hearing my husband testify about his dream through tears, I couldn't get that first verse out without some of my own. It meant so much to me when God paid a special visit to my husband that morning. He brought sweet comfort we would need for the day. Anthony rarely cries and he mourns to himself. When the tears do come, this wife cannot hold it together. I love him so much and seeing him broken is more than I can handle. But God sees every tear shed inwardly also! I'm so glad the Comforter abides with us! I'll never forget this.

       When we had to let Mamaw go, it was very difficult. I miss her so much and my heart aches for Mom, who celebrated her third Mother's Day without "Ma." Losing both of Anthony's parents has made me all the more thankful for my own. Life is so frail. I've learned to love more, laugh more, and cherish more. Some friends of ours played a song at their wedding called, "Love Like There's No Tomorrow" and I often think of those words. If we all loved like there was no tomorrow, how different life would be! Lord, help me cling to my loved ones and make every moment count with my family, friends, husband and little ones! (even when I'm stressed) This was my fourth Mother's Day as a Mommy and they just get sweeter each year. When I became a Mother, I learned what the job of a Mom entails: Heartburn, nausea, backache, contractions, tears, joy, love, contentment, pain, stress, worry, smiles, laughter, pride, work, discipline, consistency, time, prayer......and the list goes on! It made me love my Mom more when I walked through some of the steps she's taken for me! I am so thankful for a prayerful and loving Mother. As my big brother recently stated, she is truly a treasure. I doubt I can express all of the love I have for her, but I can try. If my children love me half as much as I love that lady, I will be a happy Mama!

I hope you all had a blessed Mother's Day!

Enjoy the pictures,


Being a Mom to these two is such an honor!