Saturday, December 8, 2012

Me and My 3 Weeks!

For the past three weeks, sickness has invaded my home. Nothing major, but isn't it amazing how much some thing like a cold can affect you? During this time, I've had aches, chills, earache, headache, laryngitis (my least favorite part because I love to sing!) cough, runny nose, stuffy nose....You name it! Poor little Landon has been very sick too and TERRIBLY whiny and attached to me. His diagnosis at Care First was an ear infection and pharyngitis (I had never heard of that before!) and getting his antibiotics down him has proved to be one of the greater parenting challenges we've encountered. LOL. Jameson seemed to sail through it all amazingly UNTIL about 2 days ago when we woke up very sick with a fever, horrible cough and laryngitis. He was pitiful. Tears were dripping off of his face while he tried to tell me his voice was gone. That's when I caved and drove us BACK to Care First where they diagnosed me and Jameson with "SinoBronchial Infections." I've missed two nights of our Revival going on this week :( but I'm excited that it's going on through tomorrow so I can make up for not being there! I'm happy to say that I think we're FINALLY on the mend. We still have a couple of days left of antibiotics and I'm hoping we'll be completely well by Christmas! Landon is acting more like his old self again, thank God! Jameson is taking his medicine like a champ and I'm on the third day of my Z-pack. Anthony also caught it but seems to handle it better than the three of us. (which is good since he's the bread winner!) I am SO thankful for our good health. I realize how precious it is and don't want to ever take it for granted. 

Here's an "amazing" picture taken at our Church Christmas dinner. (They are both smiling and looking in the same direction, their eyes are open all the way, their clothes are still clean after they ate and they're not doing weird things with their hands.) LOL! You Mothers know how amazing this is.

Count down to Christmas- 17 DAYS!!! Who has their shopping done??? I'm done with most of mine. The majority of what I have left to buy is gift cards. Jameson is extremely excited and reminds Mom every time he sees her that she has Christmas gifts for him. LOL. We went Black Friday shopping as a family this year. (Disclaimer: This was my husband's idea! lol) We got $30 in gift cards at Belk so we were pumped about that! Then they had men's dress clothes buy one get TWO free so we ended up getting THREE dress shirts for Anthony for $10 plus tax out of our pocket! I also got Leapsters for $20 and PJ's for $4 at Wal-Mart for the boys. I'm super excited about their "big" gift we put on Lay-a-way at a toy store in our mall. It's a huge 27 piece wooden fire/police station that Jameson has been drooling over in the "One Step Ahead" catalogs but thinks they aren't getting it due to the price. LOL! I cannot wait to see his face on Christmas!

Stay healthy, ya'll! 

I'm going to fill out Christmas cards,