Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Simple Fall Craft

The boys and I took a walk around our yard today and collected leaves in Ziplock baggies. At one point during our hike around the pond, Jameson asks me out of the blue, "Are you nuts?" Ha Ha! Landon would pick up an ordinary, brown crunchy leaf and exclaim, "Look at this!!" before putting it in his bag. Then we came inside where they dumped their leaves out on the table (yikes!) then glued them to their color choice of construction paper. I had to help Landon but Jameson made his on his own. It was super fun and Mom had to make one too. ; ) I love the Fall and I'm taking in all of her beautiful colors while she's still here!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Family Pictures by "Pop's Potos"

So, last week I picked out all of our outfits for Dad to take pictures of us in after Church (even though I knew the forecast for outdoor pictures wasn't good.) I was wearing a favorite black and white dress of mine, Anthony was wearing a brand new black plaid shirt, and the boys had black plaid western shirts, jeans and boots on. However, the weather really didn't care about all of that! Just as predicted, it was extremely windy and rainy and "non-picturey".... Ha Ha! We got a few snapshots on the porch but that's it.

Yesterday the weather decided to be absolutely perfect and gorgeous. We were all wearing the same color, so I figured, "Why not?" It just took a few minutes for my Dad to get these! (He's pretty awesome like that;)  Thanks, Pop! I love them. =)


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Photographs by Pop

Here are a couple of pictures that Dad took of the boys today! 
I love them and I'm looking forward to getting some family shots soon!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Autumn Days Gone By....

Pictures are so precious to me! I love looking at them and seeing how much the boys have changed and grown. These were taken two years ago, Fall 2010.

And this one is from last year, Fall 2011.

This is from our family vacation to TN last year, Fall 2011. We had so much fun!

Dad is going to be taking some Fall pictures of us soon and I can't wait! 
I'll post them after they're taken and edited!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Easier way to show you my KKCS buys...

Hey ya'll,

I wanted to show you what I bought for the boys from the Fall consignment sale but didn't want to take, edit and post over 35 pictures! lol! So I put my iPhone to work and recorded a video clip instead. This is new for me and I feel a little silly doing it but it's WAY easier! I hope it isn't too much of a bore for ya and I don't get made fun of! lol
The consignment sales are where we buy the majority of our sons' wardrobes and I usually find a lot more in the Fall than I do in the Spring. This sale I spent A LOT of money, however- I made over $560! My earning far exceeded my spending so we were good! In this clip, I show you most of the clothes I bought but some of them were in the laundry baskets or their pajama drawers! One particular Mossy Oak camo outfit (not in the video) I found for Jameson has become a favorite of his.....I think he'd choose to wear it every day if he could! I also forgot to show you Jameson's Rescue Heroes fire truck that he actually prayed I would find! It was under a table and only $2! He was one happy little boy when he saw me bring it home that evening along with his first bike! It looks like a dirt bike and was just $15! Then of course, the John Deere Gator was our big purchase for $140. They have spent HOURS riding that thing already....No regrets getting it! 

I love saving money!!!

Michelle : )   


Thursday, October 4, 2012

That moment....

You've been there, too. You know, that moment when your "baby" takes on a different look! An older look. A less babyish look. He starts to slim down, grow a bit taller. Those legs are looking longer and start to run faster. His hands are less chubby and his fingers can navigate around your Iphone like nobody's business. Those baby cheeks start to lose some of that oh-so-kissable chub. It feels sort of deja vu and I'm not ready for it to happen to this one too. He's just as kissable and snuggly as ever but his appearance is changing and it makes a Mama's heart sigh and whisper, "Please stay little!" We're entering a new phase. One in which our "baby" is 2 and a half years old. I hope that I'm soaking in all of these moments with my boys adequately enough!  : )

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Owl Kitchen!

Some of you know that I've been wanting to paint and redecorate around here and I'm THRILLED to say that one room is checked off the list! My Kentucky Kids Consignment Sale money helped me get the things I wanted for my kitchen and I'm super excited to have a change! I wish I would've taken some "before" pictures but to help give you a mental picture, the walls were yellow and I had pineapple/fruit decorations in it. (It was starting to look a little "Granny" to me and I wanted a new look!) I had been spying this owl stuff in town and mentally drooling over it. I got it all from Kirklands and Burkes and I still want to get the canister set. (Hopefully, Kirklands will mark it down lower than $39!) I picked out "Cozy Cottage" paint color and inspite of our inexperience as painters, it turned out fine. Saturday was an extremely busy day for us and painting probably should've waited but my new things had been sitting for a week and a half and I was ready to go for it! Anthony had already put a new alternator in his truck, fixed the lawn mower, mowed/weed-eated, and cleaned the gutters out. I helped him clean out the gutters then I ran to town to get the paint while he got the kitchen completely ready. Ya'll know that pulling out appliances requires cleaning behind them, (which hadn't been done in a LONG time around here) so my fingers scrubbed until they hurt! I also fell in my bathroom while changing clothes (funny story I won't post here...lol) during the wait for the first coat to dry. Needless to say, we were pretty wore out that night and very sore the next morning at Church! My leg is still sore and the bruise from my fall has actually gotten bigger....weird! But it was worth it all! lol! I'm already planning what I want to do with the other rooms and looking forward to more changes! =) 


I'm thinking about ordering some thing from "Stitch Me Primitives" (my talented friend, Angela) for that empty wall by the refrigerator!

My sweet hubby jumped right in and helped me put the kitchen back together. He hung the valances right out of the packages (which I wanted to iron or fluff in the dryer) but they don't look too bad the way he hung them! =)