Thursday, March 31, 2011

This IS a stolen picture!

Mom took Lili to get an eye exam yesterday and to her surprise, she left with glasses! I love this picture that Dad took of her sporting them fashionably and quite seriously.

Lilianna has been such a joy to our family. Very smart and entertaining, she carries on conversation with the adults and has a broader vocabulary than I! Ha Ha! When I see her involved in the song service at Church, (and I do mean INVOLVED) kneeling at the altar praying or curled up contentedly in Mom's arms, I'm reminded of the miracle of adoption. An orphan from the other side of the world and a communist country became my sister and now hears the name of Jesus daily! What a miracle.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Back To The Good Ole' Days!

The title of this post was the theme of the Bluegrass Ladies Retreat I went to today. It couldn't have come at a better time for me! I needed a break from wiping noses, taking temps, giving medicine, and doing laundry! I'm thankful my husband took the day off to keep our boys while I went. A group of 14 went from our Church and we all had a great time. It was a lot of fun dressing fifties style and taking pictures with Angela! I also got to see my sister-in-law and some of her family and Church friends from Indiana. I dined in style and enjoyed Chicken Cordon Bleu, mashed potatoes and gravy, vegetables, salad, a roll and delicious chocolate cake. Enjoy the pictures!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring fun has just begun!

$40 is a cheap price for that smile! My grandparents got this bargain at the Kentucky Kids Consignment Sale. Jameson had never experienced Power Wheels before and he was on CLOUD NINE behind that wheel! Lili looks quite relaxed to be with such a novice driver. If my escort ran into bushes, trees and shrubs I'd be a little nervous. (Mom and Dad are experienced in this area.) It was a blast watching them. Enjoy the pictures and video clip.

          HAPPY SPRING, YA'LL!

Spring & Sickness!!!

I'm back! It's been a little crazy around the Young house the last few days. Sickness seems to think it's welcome here and I don't know when it's going to learn that it isn't! Landon became sick last Friday night/Saturday morning. My boys are notorious for getting the croup but I could tell this was some thing worse. I tried getting him in to the doctor but their Saturday was booked up. He grew worse so he and I ended up at Care First on Sunday evening where the diagnosis was 'bronchiolitis/possible pneumonia.' I had no clue that RSV causes bronchiolitis the majority of the time! He wasn't keeping much of my milk down, was lethargic and would go MANY hours without a wet diaper so the worry of dehydration ended us up at our pediatrician's office Monday afternoon! The poor little guy coughed so much that he burst blood vessels on his face! I'm glad Anthony suggested what the tiny purplish freckles could be on his right cheek; I was worried he had some kind of weird rash. At the boys' doctor's office, Dr. Smith said that his oxygen/hydration was fine but he was wheezing pretty badly. He was given a breathing treatment which helped. She added a prescription to his other two from Care First and told me to stop the antibiotic they gave me since she didn't think he had pneumonia. So Landon is much better now but she said the cough can stick around for up to six weeks! :( I hope not! Now that he's on the mend, Jameson has come down with it! (I've learned to expect this with two kids!) His fever spiked to almost 103 earlier. His pale face with those watery eyes break my heart! I hate it when my babies are sick. My heart breaks for the seriously ill ones out there! God help them and their parents! I'm taking advantage of Landon's thirty-dose bottle of Albuterol and sharing it with his brother. I'm hoping the medicine and Motrin, along with the cool-mist humidifier will keep us from having to take Jameson in as well.

We had a lovely walk a couple of evenings ago and enjoyed the Spring weather as a family! (While it lasted, huh?) I helped the boys prepare some things to take to their Papaw & Memaw's grave. Jameson was so adorable and wanted to know where the coffee was in the little cup Shelly has on Shab's side of the tomb stone. He then explained to us Shab's ceramic dog on the grave had drank it. He doesn't quite understand every thing yet, but he sure does miss his Memaw! I have a scrapbook of Shab that I plan to add Pam to and show the boys when they are older. On the walk back home, I took a picture of the beautiful sunset above the Church and graveyard. I edited the picture and added the words to a song Shelly has been talking about. I hope you like it as much as she does!

Until next time, (and it won't be two years, Dad!)


Anthony and the boys by the back side of the stone.
We will add names of more grands later Lord willing!

"Pamdon" as I call him :)

I love how it turned out!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Brotherly Love

I took this picture a couple of days ago. Jameson was watching Anthony work on the boat and Landon wanted to join him so I put him up there beside him. I'm pretty sure they're going to be best friends! Landon will always have some one to look out for him.

How dare he?

Our Landon is eleven months old today! That means he'll be turning one in just a month? No way! Time flies when you're having fun and he has been such a joy to me. Last year was difficult losing my sweet Mother-in-law, Pam. The long days at the hospital took their tole on me emotionally and physically. Having my sweet baby boy to cuddle and nurse at night really helped me through it. It seemed to keep some joy and strength in me through our sorrow. God knows what we're going to face long before we do and His timing is just right. It's such a blessing to look into Landon's face and see some of his Memaw shining through. I wasn't planning on saying all of this and tears come as I'm typing. Good-byes are so hard but when we know Jesus, we can say "See you later" instead. When we sing "Happy Birthday" to our baby boy next month, I'll miss her beautiful voice in the room.

Help! My living room has turned into a mini consignment sale!!!

Okay! Here you go, Angela! Wow. HOW did I have this much stuff in my house?! And this is not including the clothes yet! They will be my project for this evening. When Anthony saw this last night, he said we'd need a U-haul to get it to the Community Center. Ha Ha! Jameson is cracking me up when he sees things in the pile that are his. He says, "Hey!" in a "How dare you, Mom?" tone of voice. I will be so relieved to clear out the space all of this is taking up. But here's what I have so far to sell in Spring sale.
                 (Note: baby in bottom left corner of first picture NOT included.) 

Monday, March 7, 2011

My Hobby :)

This is the biggest diaper cake I've made so far. It has 108 diapers, 3 blankets, a pair of shoes and a wrist rattle. I've made several for friends but only recently sold a couple for people who requested them. I really enjoy making them so if you are interested in getting one done, (or you know some one who is) then contact me!
My second order! For Baby David

Here are a few others I've made:

For Baby Lawsen
For Baby Jackson
For Baby Trey  &  Baby Allie

My first order! For Baby Kamden
For Baby Avalon
I hosted the baby shower for Angie/Baby Avie so I also made a couple other items for it......
.......including this corsage and flower basket. The flowers were made from baby clothes I picked up at yard sales.

Let the insanity begin!


 I've decided to start a blog. It will be my "Online Journal" to record memories and moments to look back on later! Come along for the ride if you like. :)

So I'm going to have a slightly busy week getting ready for the big Kentucky Kids Consignment Sale! I waited until the final week to make preparations, of course. (It wouldn't be like me to get things done early, right?) I'm selling more than ever this time around. We're pretty content with our family of four (for now, any way) and I've decided to let go of most of my baby gear! This is a huge step for me since I'm a little bit of a pack rat and sentimental about things too. But I'm ready to clear out some space and bring home some cash! If only I could fast forward to the moment when I'm receiving that check! But while I'm dreading the entering, tagging, hanging, ironing and hauling I'm REALLY looking forward to the SHOPPING! (as always!) This is the 8th KKCS I've been involved in and it's got me totally hooked for life.