Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring fun has just begun!

$40 is a cheap price for that smile! My grandparents got this bargain at the Kentucky Kids Consignment Sale. Jameson had never experienced Power Wheels before and he was on CLOUD NINE behind that wheel! Lili looks quite relaxed to be with such a novice driver. If my escort ran into bushes, trees and shrubs I'd be a little nervous. (Mom and Dad are experienced in this area.) It was a blast watching them. Enjoy the pictures and video clip.

          HAPPY SPRING, YA'LL!


  1. I love the pictures! I love the video! I love Kentucky Kid's Consignment who made it all possible and I love Grampa and Gramma for buying that wonderful little jeep!
    Love you too Chelle,

  2. Cute! The video is adorable. Was lili freakin out? lol

  3. :) thanks! That was actually Jameson squealing and having a good time! LOL!