Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Help! My living room has turned into a mini consignment sale!!!

Okay! Here you go, Angela! Wow. HOW did I have this much stuff in my house?! And this is not including the clothes yet! They will be my project for this evening. When Anthony saw this last night, he said we'd need a U-haul to get it to the Community Center. Ha Ha! Jameson is cracking me up when he sees things in the pile that are his. He says, "Hey!" in a "How dare you, Mom?" tone of voice. I will be so relieved to clear out the space all of this is taking up. But here's what I have so far to sell in Spring sale.
                 (Note: baby in bottom left corner of first picture NOT included.) 


  1. Wow, you have alot. You should get a big fat check in the mail, I'm sure. I don't have anything big. Mainly just clothes. I didn't have time to busy stitching, lol. Hopefully I'll just make enough to shop on! And I'm with are you gonna get all that there? :}

  2. I was thrilled with my nearly $660 check!!!!! It was worth every pin prick and all of the ironing and tagging. :)