Monday, March 7, 2011

Let the insanity begin!


 I've decided to start a blog. It will be my "Online Journal" to record memories and moments to look back on later! Come along for the ride if you like. :)

So I'm going to have a slightly busy week getting ready for the big Kentucky Kids Consignment Sale! I waited until the final week to make preparations, of course. (It wouldn't be like me to get things done early, right?) I'm selling more than ever this time around. We're pretty content with our family of four (for now, any way) and I've decided to let go of most of my baby gear! This is a huge step for me since I'm a little bit of a pack rat and sentimental about things too. But I'm ready to clear out some space and bring home some cash! If only I could fast forward to the moment when I'm receiving that check! But while I'm dreading the entering, tagging, hanging, ironing and hauling I'm REALLY looking forward to the SHOPPING! (as always!) This is the 8th KKCS I've been involved in and it's got me totally hooked for life.


  1. Wow lady.....this is a cool blog. You look kinda familiar. I think I've seen you before.....were you at McDonalds last night? I will bookmark your blog for sure!
    Carrie Maryjo

  2. Who's the weird lady who posted a comment above me? Who in their right mind would name their kid Carrie Maryjo?

  3. I need to see a picture of your pile of KKCS items on here! Need to see if your stash is as badly organized as mine right now.

  4. I wanted to be the first to comment, but someone beat me to it. Would you please delete all the others so I can be the first in line? Thanks.

  5. Yes, I was with the Holiness (not Baptist) group last night at McD's. Thanks, Mom for being interested in my LAME blog.

    Angela, I'm POSITIVE mine would be worse!

    I don't see any other comments....hmm....

  6. Cracking up at your picture, Dad!!!!!!