Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How dare he?

Our Landon is eleven months old today! That means he'll be turning one in just a month? No way! Time flies when you're having fun and he has been such a joy to me. Last year was difficult losing my sweet Mother-in-law, Pam. The long days at the hospital took their tole on me emotionally and physically. Having my sweet baby boy to cuddle and nurse at night really helped me through it. It seemed to keep some joy and strength in me through our sorrow. God knows what we're going to face long before we do and His timing is just right. It's such a blessing to look into Landon's face and see some of his Memaw shining through. I wasn't planning on saying all of this and tears come as I'm typing. Good-byes are so hard but when we know Jesus, we can say "See you later" instead. When we sing "Happy Birthday" to our baby boy next month, I'll miss her beautiful voice in the room.


  1. We will all miss her wonderful voice singing to her precious boy! It is still so hard to believe she is really gone.Yes, every time I look at our Landon, I can see his Memaw! She would be so proud! Our hearts weep with Pam's loss but one day they will rejoice in her presence. What a precious post!
    Love you dearly