Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring & Sickness!!!

I'm back! It's been a little crazy around the Young house the last few days. Sickness seems to think it's welcome here and I don't know when it's going to learn that it isn't! Landon became sick last Friday night/Saturday morning. My boys are notorious for getting the croup but I could tell this was some thing worse. I tried getting him in to the doctor but their Saturday was booked up. He grew worse so he and I ended up at Care First on Sunday evening where the diagnosis was 'bronchiolitis/possible pneumonia.' I had no clue that RSV causes bronchiolitis the majority of the time! He wasn't keeping much of my milk down, was lethargic and would go MANY hours without a wet diaper so the worry of dehydration ended us up at our pediatrician's office Monday afternoon! The poor little guy coughed so much that he burst blood vessels on his face! I'm glad Anthony suggested what the tiny purplish freckles could be on his right cheek; I was worried he had some kind of weird rash. At the boys' doctor's office, Dr. Smith said that his oxygen/hydration was fine but he was wheezing pretty badly. He was given a breathing treatment which helped. She added a prescription to his other two from Care First and told me to stop the antibiotic they gave me since she didn't think he had pneumonia. So Landon is much better now but she said the cough can stick around for up to six weeks! :( I hope not! Now that he's on the mend, Jameson has come down with it! (I've learned to expect this with two kids!) His fever spiked to almost 103 earlier. His pale face with those watery eyes break my heart! I hate it when my babies are sick. My heart breaks for the seriously ill ones out there! God help them and their parents! I'm taking advantage of Landon's thirty-dose bottle of Albuterol and sharing it with his brother. I'm hoping the medicine and Motrin, along with the cool-mist humidifier will keep us from having to take Jameson in as well.

We had a lovely walk a couple of evenings ago and enjoyed the Spring weather as a family! (While it lasted, huh?) I helped the boys prepare some things to take to their Papaw & Memaw's grave. Jameson was so adorable and wanted to know where the coffee was in the little cup Shelly has on Shab's side of the tomb stone. He then explained to us Shab's ceramic dog on the grave had drank it. He doesn't quite understand every thing yet, but he sure does miss his Memaw! I have a scrapbook of Shab that I plan to add Pam to and show the boys when they are older. On the walk back home, I took a picture of the beautiful sunset above the Church and graveyard. I edited the picture and added the words to a song Shelly has been talking about. I hope you like it as much as she does!

Until next time, (and it won't be two years, Dad!)


Anthony and the boys by the back side of the stone.
We will add names of more grands later Lord willing!

"Pamdon" as I call him :)

I love how it turned out!

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  1. Such joy on Landon (Pamdon's) face! Shab and Pam would have been so proud....just like we are!
    Get well to my favorite grandsons!!
    Love y'all,