Monday, March 7, 2011

My Hobby :)

This is the biggest diaper cake I've made so far. It has 108 diapers, 3 blankets, a pair of shoes and a wrist rattle. I've made several for friends but only recently sold a couple for people who requested them. I really enjoy making them so if you are interested in getting one done, (or you know some one who is) then contact me!
My second order! For Baby David

Here are a few others I've made:

For Baby Lawsen
For Baby Jackson
For Baby Trey  &  Baby Allie

My first order! For Baby Kamden
For Baby Avalon
I hosted the baby shower for Angie/Baby Avie so I also made a couple other items for it......
.......including this corsage and flower basket. The flowers were made from baby clothes I picked up at yard sales.


  1. See? Blogs are so much more interesting with pictures! Cute cake.

  2. Ugh! I missed being the first comment again! Please delete the previous one and make mine first.

  3. Yeah pictures are a must but I seem to be a bit slow getting them up here!

    LOL Dad!!!

  4. Hey, do you make underwear cakes?? If so I might be interested! lol

  5. HAHA Melissa! No I haven't tried that yet, but what a great idea! Hilarious.

    I actually have a blog just for my diaper cakes's:

  6. Underwear cakes? Hey Melissa that could be a big hit at the bridal showers!

  7. I think so too & would be a huge hit if she could put a pair of shoes with it! :) Something to think about Michelle!!