Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Simple Fall Craft

The boys and I took a walk around our yard today and collected leaves in Ziplock baggies. At one point during our hike around the pond, Jameson asks me out of the blue, "Are you nuts?" Ha Ha! Landon would pick up an ordinary, brown crunchy leaf and exclaim, "Look at this!!" before putting it in his bag. Then we came inside where they dumped their leaves out on the table (yikes!) then glued them to their color choice of construction paper. I had to help Landon but Jameson made his on his own. It was super fun and Mom had to make one too. ; ) I love the Fall and I'm taking in all of her beautiful colors while she's still here!



  1. That's a good idea. You could also let them put leaves taped behind copier paper and let them color on the other side and it traces the leaf. That's pretty easy and fun too!

    1. Yea I thought about doing some thing like that!

  2. The fall colors are always so spectacular!

  3. FUN, cute, easy project~those are the best kind!