Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's Been A While!

It's been too long since I posted any thing! Since I've fallen in love with my new BFF, the iPhone, my laptop is often neglected along with my blog. I don't have too much to blog about but I never posted pictures from our trip to the pumpkin patch (a MONTH ago) and I better do that while it's still Fall and before there's snow on the ground!

I was very discouraged with the outcome of the election and for a couple of days, dwelt too long on it and let fear start to creep in. It's scary to think of what we and especially our children will face in these final days! But coming into God's house the Friday evening after the election and feeling His wonderful spirit from the very first song gave me that encouragement and comfort I needed. I don't have to fear the future when the one who holds it is also holding ME! 

My brother and his wife were married 9 years ago today but they are spending their anniversary apart. Josh is a supervisor for Vectren, a natural gas company. He's been in New York helping Hurricane Sandy victims for a week now and is supposed to return home Sunday. My Uncle Scott is also in New York with his Church group helping to feed victims and do what they can for the needy. (Amazingly, ten weeks after his kidney transplant!) He feels so grateful for what he's been given and wants to give back! Please pray for Josh and Scott's protection and for God to use them.

I'm excited about the approaching holidays but baffled by how fast another year has flown by! I'm looking forward to that delicious Thanksgiving meal, precious time with family, and those Black Friday sales!!! : ) I've bought a few Christmas gifts already but still have quite a few people to cross of my list. I was peeking at Wal-Mart's ad today along with a few others online. I've thought about getting a new pre-lit tree this year. I've really enjoyed decorating the house for Fall and I'm equally excited to put it all away and replace it with CHRISTMAS decor!!!! 

Five paragraphs later, I'm realizing that I had more to blog about than I thought! Ha! Hope it wasn't too boring for you. Here are a few pictures of a fun trip to Mink & Walters Pumpkin Patch. It's a wonderful place and best of all, FREE! (Thanks to my friend Angie for posting the idea!) The boys had SO much fun that we went back again another day with Mom & Lili. 

Happy Thanksgiving, Ya'll,



  1. Welcome back are a busy lady.
    Beautiful photo's of the boys. Happy Thanksgiving
    A time to Gobble and not feel guilty !)

  2. Thanksgiving is my alltime favorite holiday. Just time with family and no stress about presents/gifts and everything else. Just enjoying the day. This year we won't have a Thanksgiving dinner with Connie and Dale. They are headed to North Carolina((and taking Jamin))!!!!! GLad to see you back. Missed ya - I type this while I haven't written a blog in a while myself. ;)

  3. Love the pics! Those two are the most beautiful (handsome) little guys ever!