Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Heavy Heart....... (again)

For the past six years, I've sat under a wonderful man of God, listened to an anointed preacher and been guided by a gentle and loving Shepherd named Jody Silvers. It's been an honor to be a part of his flock. As of yesterday, he has resigned as Pastor of Highway of Holiness Church. The news was devastating and I feel so broken yet I know the Lord has a plan for us and I'm trying to trust Him. We've grown to love the Silvers like family and made a lot of precious memories with them. His ministry here in Kentucky has had a huge impact on so many souls including mine and my family's. Just a few things about him that I will never forget .... His unbelievable love for his wife and daughters, his humility, his servant's heart, the compassionate burden he carried for his people, the great anointing and boldness he had in the pulpit, the way he took time to make each child in the Church feel special and loved, his effort with our young people, his funny stories, his fear of snakes .... and I could go on. He has always been there when we needed him. They have went above and beyond the duties of a Pastor. Their labor of love will never be forgotten. The seeds they have planted will continue to grow, but we must keep tending the garden. It feels like a huge part of my heart is moving South today. I will miss his warm handshakes and big smiles that always greeted us inside the Church doors, Sister Tina and the girls' beautiful singing, his outstanding messages that came from hours spent on his knees seeking God, the sight and sound of him praying in his corner on the pulpit, all of the trips, outings and fun times, playing the Wii and Pitt at their house, Sister Tina's Annual Cookie Swap, Jameson's "Uncle Chody" he loves so dearly, and of course, the precious friendship and fellowship we shared with them! Highway won't be the same but Lord, help me "Remember The Reason It Was Built." (Our Pastor's final sermon to us)

Their songs have blessed my soul many times and several come to mind tonight and minister to me even as I type ....

~ Storms may rage, Winds may blow, Cares of life come against my soul. In troubled times I know just where to stand. There's no safer place to be than in God's hands. In God's hands I'm in good hands. My soul is safe and secure. In God's hands, sweet assurance. It's good to know I'm in good hands! ~

~ He knows, He cares, Where you are He's right there. He sees your heart, all your hidden broken parts. He will take you in His arms, He will heal your wounds and scars. He knows right where you are! ~

~ I'm gonna keep on trusting in the Lord. When it seems there's no way out He always opens up a door. When I've done all that I can, He gives me the strength to stand. That's why I'm gonna keep on trusting in the Lord! ~


The flowers & card the Silvers brought to our home after
I had surgery to remove my wisdom teeth in Spring 2006.

Easter 2006

Brother Jody has had such a strong spiritual influence on Anthony.
He's been a wonderful mentor, friend and role model to him and he will miss him greatly.

Shelly's baptism

Sarah's baptism

Andy's baptism

Fall 2008

Winter 2008

Summer 2009
Shadeville Campmeeting

Landon's birth ~ Spring 2010 ~

Landon's dedication

It's hard to imagine any one else dedicating our next baby/babies. Brother Jody
dedicated both of our boys, although my camera batteries died on Jameson's dedication day.

The last Pastor Appreciation Dinner for them ~ October 2010 ~

Tina & Angela hard at work....

Sister Tina's last Cookie Swap ~ December 2010 ~

Our last trip with the Silvers was to
Brother Rusty Johnson's Campmeeting, February 2011

Brother Jody & Sister Tina collecting sea shells on the beach in AL ~ February 2011

Jameson with his buddy! 5-29-11

Our last Sunday with the Silvers

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