Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gas Saver and Wife Worryer

In the past month, there's been a new addition to our vehicle family. Anthony's been driving it to work nearly all week and put a grand total of $4.85 in the gas tank! While I'm enjoying the break from gas spending, I rest easier when it's parked in it's spot here at home!

Landon traded in his Cozy Coupe....


Jameson called himself "Buzz Lightyear" while wearing this.

Gas hog in back, wife worryer in front!


  1. It looks like this post and the one before it are connected?? I'm thrilled this thing is back to normal....uh, almost!

  2. SELL THAT DEATHTRAP!!!!! Isn't that what us mother-in-laws are SUPPOSE to say? Just want to do my part! LOL

  3. I'm SOOO jealous. Seriously. Ask Amanda. Owning a bike is my greatest secret desire. Go Anthony!