Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day 2012

I know, I know! It's been a while since I posted on here. It seems this Summer is getting off to a busy start. We had a good Father's Day. The Sargent clan went out to Denny's Saturday night and enjoyed a nice dinner together. The boys and I worked hard on getting all of Anthony's gifts finished that day. We bought him a knife that says "Dad" on the blade and the tin that it comes in. (He collects them.) I found a black tee shirt for $0.50 at Wal-Mart and couldn't leave it there for that price. I put the boys' hand prints on it as well as a cute saying. He also got a framed picture of the three of them. I figured it would be nice to set on his desk at work. His last gift, a coffee mug with Jameson & Landon's picture on it, still has to be picked up from Louisville. I took the boys to Portrait Innovations last Thursday to get their pictures made. You just can't beat that HUGE package for $9.95 which included 5 Father's Day cards as well as the mug. Anthony loved all of his gifts and was especially surprised by the tee shirt. Jameson was extremely excited to give them to his Dad! When I woke him up Sunday morning and told him it was Father's Day, he asked, (with Anthony in the room) "Is he gonna take his knife to Church?" Ha Ha! He's still learning to keep secrets and finds it hard to wait to give gifts to people! After Church, we went to Wendy's with Mom, Dad and Lili and also stopped by the cemetery to visit my Father-in-law's grave on the way home.

I decided to write a piece about Anthony and Dad. Some times it's easier to write your feelings than to say them. So if you want to skip the mush (lol) and go directly to the pictures, here's your chance!

I'm thankful for the wonderful Daddy our sons have! He's a hard worker and loves his boys with all of his heart. They are thrilled when they see his truck pull in the drive each evening and anxiously wait for him to walk through the door!  He gives them baths and puts them up on his shoulder and "flies" each of them through the house with their hooded towels on. I can't tell you how much they love that! (I do too :) He took them fishing in our pond this evening. We look forward to many more fishing and camping trips in the years to come! I'm so glad our boys have a Holiness Father to look up to. I admire his humility and willingness to obey God. He has the biggest heart of any man I know. I love you, babe! Jameson and Landon are two blessed little boys! =)

I'm thankful for the wonderful Dad I have, too. He worked hard to provide for us, even at jobs he hated some times. He went to college (to get away from the loathed factory work and into some thing he enjoyed) while working a job AND pastoring a Church. I cannot imagine the stress he endured during that period! He wrote letters to me that are filled with love and biblical instruction. I can't tell you how precious those letters are to me! He loved and respected my Mother. That alone is a priceless gift in itself. He made us girls feel special, too, even bringing flowers home for us occasionally. Little things mean a lot and stay in your memory. It's exciting to watch him in his role as "Pop" to my boys and Josh's girls now! I absolutely love to sing with him and Sarah and goof off together while we practice our songs. He's my favorite song leader and Sunday school teacher (but I am biased!) I'm so thankful for his constant prayers for us and his consistency to God. I love you, Dad and I'm proud to call you mine! I need to stop now and let you deflate that head a little bit. (Hee, hee, hee!) 

I hope every one had a happy Father's Day and gave yours a big hug! For those of you who have Dad's up in Heaven and couldn't give yours a hug, I hope you felt God's hug of comfort and peace! 


His tee shirt!
His picture frame from Kohl's! I love this picture of my guys!

Card from Portrait Innovations  

Opening his gifts....

and leaving for Sunday school and Church!

I meant to take pictures of Dad on Father's Day and forgot all about it! Maybe I'll remember next year.


  1. Glad ya'll enjoyed Father's day. I'm hoping my dad and Maynard have a better one next year. Im so very thankful to have my dad another year.