Saturday, June 23, 2012


Funny post title, right?! Check out what I've been picking from our garden! We're enjoying the fruits of my labor over here! (Ha Ha, Anthony!) The green beans have to be picked every other day or so. The pickles are plentiful also. Our squash plants are massive and the tomato plants look gorgeous! Come on and ripen, little dudes....I can't wait to slice, salt and savor you! =c) We've also got little pepper and okra plants that are growing slowly but surely. We could use some rain!


  1. I would have no idea what to do once everything was picked and ready to be put away. Im envious of all that fresh produce from the sweat of your brow. or MAYBE Anthony's brow I should say. ha ha

    1. I have never canned but I'm excited about trying it for the first time! Actually, I was teasing Anthony because he's done nothing in the garden so it really has been my sweat alone! LOL!

  2. Keep on sweating.....the results look scrumptious!!

  3. oooh, I know where I'm coming when I am out of veggies. :)