Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our "big" KKCS purchase!

This week is the Fall Kentucky Kids Consignment Sale. I've been volunteering, selling and shopping there for several years and I absolutely love it! Yesterday was the "presale" for workers, consignors and new Moms. I found TONS of clothes for my boys as well as a bike for Jameson and a few Christmas gifts for them! I worked the 12:30-4:30 shift today then Anthony picked me up (with roses and a card waiting for me:) and we went out for our 9th wedding anniversary to Longhorn Steakhouse. It was extremely DeLiCiOuS and fun even if our kids had to come along! ; ) Afterwards, Jameson wanted to go to the sale to look at toys. For the first time, they have "restock sellers" who checked in their items this afternoon and evening. When we left to go out to eat at about 5:00, my friend Theresa had been working on checking in restock items out at the side door and when we returned at about 7:15, they were finishing up check-ins. As soon as we walked in to look around, she motioned for me to come outside with her. There she showed me 2 John Deere power wheels that had just arrived. The boys wanted both the Gator AND the lawn mower/wagon but we decided on just the Gator after thorough inspection, price checking on my phone and even talking to the seller before she left! So it looks like I spent EVEN more the good news is we got a sweet deal on the boys' very first Power Wheels vehicle and I probably won't be spending more money than I make any way! I might post my other purchases later on.....

Happy with my bargains,



  1. Love this! My boys LOVED this stuff when they were younger, but now it's all about their dirt bikes (and regular bikes) Lawsen learned to ride his bike without training wheels and so that's been the big thing lately... bikes! I want something like this for Avie, but my purchases at the sale are usually just clothes.

  2. The boys look happy with your purchase! I absolutely LOVE the KKCS!