Monday, April 8, 2013

Landon's First Time in Sunday School!

My "baby" will be three on Tuesday so today he went to Sunday school for the very first time. He absolutely loved every minute of it! He gave in a prayer request, prayed with all of his little heart, (cute photo below to prove it) took his turn at leading a song, ("Jesus Loves Me") made his puppet sing, listened to the story about Lot's wife and made his craft to go along with the lesson. His teacher is pretty awesome ;) and it was a joy to watch him take it all in!

He's also potty trained now!!!!! Today was our 6th day at it and he was accident free all day long. He even tells us when he has to go. I'm super excited about that and we think he's the cutest in his little undies!!!


  1. So sweet! Love how his first day of sunday school was blog worthy. Sunday School is so important for our little people.

  2. I just love it! Enjoy every little detail. They grow sooo fast!

  3. LOVE having Landon. I told Kenny Landon probably could have come a year ago and would have been just fine. He did wonderfully! So sweet how he participated so well.

    1. So, it was you who was the awesome teacher. Lol

  4. awww! He's such a little cutie pie!!!! Hey, day 6 and already potty trained, that's great!!!! Sounds like Jamin and Wes, both were trained in less than a week!!!

  5. That was an awesome post! Kids are so encouraging!

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